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Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You

15 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You

Have to ever wondered if your twin flame is thinking of you? Sometimes this can be challenging, especially when you are physically apart. However, you can feel deeply for your twin flame, though you are not physically together. In this article, we will decode the signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

Maybe you randomly feel sensations in your body or experience unexpected things. Yes, it means your twin flame is thinking of you. 

Our twin flames send us a message in the form of signs. And before discovering the signs your twin flame is thinking of you, let’s first understand what twin flames are.

What Are Twin Flames?

Many people are unaware of the concept of a twin flame, but if you find one, you will understand exactly how it feels.

Twin flames are created when two souls that were once together are now separated and embark on different journeys until they cross paths again. Another possibility is that twin flames are reflections of one another, which causes them to click right away when they meet.

People who are twin flames have a deep spiritual and soulful connection to one another. And think they have found their “other half.” Missing a twin flame is more than a simple sentiment of nostalgia. It’s so oppressive that it’s agonizing. When people’s twins are not around, they can feel incomplete; in serious cases, some might have horrible pain in their bones.

For many reasons, twin flames have a deep love.

It is an unmatched, unique connection to find your twin flame. You might start to doubt your sanity sometimes because you might feel so connected to your twin flame that you begin to understand what he is thinking. However, this is not at all absurd.

It has been demonstrated that genetic twins share psychic traits. Your heightened link is significantly more vital since you two share several degrees of intimacy.

Interestingly, there are a few signs that your twin flame is thinking of you. Some signs point to the higher purpose of this connection no matter where you are in the twin flame stages.

Signs Your Twin Flame Misses You

Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You

1. Have dreams about them

If your twin flame has ever appeared in your dreams, this indicates that they are thinking of you. Because twin flames have a strong connection, it will reflect in your dream when your twin flame is thinking of you. 

It’s known that you might have other people or experiences in your dream, but your twin flame makes this much more real and vivid.

It is no longer a coincidence if you frequently dream about them; instead, it is an indication that they are thinking of you. And likely, your twin flame can be dreaming about you at the same time that you are.

2. An erratic burst of energy

Each of us has occasionally felt a sudden jolt of energy that makes us desire to do unusual things. But when your twin flame is around, the emotion is more intense. In addition to being more productive than usual, you attempt to try new things.

And in fact, when your twin flame is thinking of you, you both could experience an influx of energy due to a shared telepathic connection. No one else, not even your soulmate, will experience the same kind of connection that you do.

The most robust and most divine connection you can feel is a twin flame connection, which can be beneficial and detrimental. It’s lonely because no one will ever comprehend you in the same way that your twin flame does, but it can also be draining because the associated emotions can be powerful and all-consuming.

The universe frequently gives you symbols and signs connected to your twin soul and serves as a reminder of that person. These images may appear in your mind. 

3. Music

The universe frequently gives you symbols and signs connected to your twin soul and serves as a reminder of that person. These signs could take the shape of a song that the two of you have listened to together. Once you hear the music, you’ll start to think about the individual, hinting that your twin flame is thinking of you. Because they can help you determine where you stand in a relationship, these indications should be considered seriously.

4. You are thinking every time 

They randomly pop into your head. One of the signs your twin flame is thinking of you is if they keep appearing in your thoughts randomly. And this is especially true if you’re going about your day without giving them any thought. You and your twin flame will connect even if you are not physically there together since your imagination is a powerful tool.

5. Your twin flame silence 

Yes, this period of silence is a sign that you are thinking of your twin flame and that they are also thinking of you. Twin flames can go silent for brief periods before engulfing you in their thoughts.

Twin flames are constant with their shared silence thanks to a subliminal telepathic link. Because of how well they know one another, they can communicate without words in various situations. Your twin flame is missing you, which is indicated by this strong communication indication of silence. Twin flames may require a period of silence. And this typically occurs when they lack conversational topics or are guilty of scurrying away. Then again, their actions reveal how much they consider you.

6. Telepathy

Telepathy that strikes at random moments manifests the twin flames’ energy connection. The better the twins can handle the telepathic link, the more accustomed they are to being in each other’s energy.

Having recurring thoughts that don’t really relate to anything going on in your life, focusing on ideas or situations that are obviously not your own but are constantly present in your mind, or experiencing recurrent mental contact with the same energy signature even if you don’t receive much information from that contact are all indications that you are in telepathic connection to your twin flame. Your twin may give you mental sensations, even brief passages of inner dialogue, or you may view their dreams or thought processes in whole or in bits.

That has a lot to do with how far each twin flame is on their road of growth and ascension, as well as how advanced individuals they are. But their heavenly spark of love is what underlies their telepathy in the first place.

7. You go through unexpected feelings

unexpected feelings

You can be preoccupied entirely at work or having a good time dancing and laughing at a party when your body is suddenly flooded with powerful emotions—one of the most obvious signs that your twin flame is thinking of you.

What feelings are we referring to here? Typically, it’s feelings of longing and lust, a sharp burning in your stomach, or another sexual sensation that hasn’t been sparked by any human being that is physically close to you.

Even though they are far away, they are thinking of you erotically, and your soul connection is causing you to feel hot all over, even when it isn’t suitable. Your twin flame is probably already actively experiencing erotic fantasies of being with you. And as they are sensing you in a sexual sense, you are sensing them back, and this feeling resonates strongly throughout your body.

8. Have itchy eyes

One of your eyes suddenly itchy and continued to itch, another odd clue that your twin flame is thinking of you. However, if you have an allergy or sensitive eyes, you should not take this as a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you; instead, you should consult a doctor. 

However, if you suddenly develop itchy eyes, then it could be a sign that your twin flame is harboring passionate thoughts for you.

The eyes are said to be both profoundly sensuous and the windows to the soul. Eye contact is another common way to start a deep sexual connection. If your eye itches, it may be because your twin is sending you powerful subconscious sexual impulses.

9. You have erotic thoughts

You might be in the middle of a task at work, an exam, a crucial meeting, or even enjoying lunch with a buddy when you suddenly have sensual thoughts cross your mind.

The vital thing to notice in this situation is that these erotic ideas appear unexpectedly and seemingly out of the blue. In other words, these erotic or sexual thoughts had no basis or immediate trigger. If you experience erotic thoughts occasionally, it’s possible that your twin flame also has frequent, personal fantasies about you. And they undoubtedly want those ideas to manifest in reality.

10. Smiling unexpectedly

smile unexpectedly

Do you often find yourself smiling even though you have no particular cause to be joyful? People often remark on your constant smile and wonder what’s making you so happy.

Well, you don’t even know why you’re so pleased, let alone what’s causing it. Your twin flame is intently sending you good energies in their thoughts, as evidenced by that constant subconscious smile. You are also feeling a positive energy wave because you and your twin flame share the same energy frequency. And this typically occurs when you communicate with your twin flame, who is also joyful and smiling.

11. You feel protected in love

If you’ve ever experienced an unexpected surge of love and protection, that was your twin flame thinking of you. Being in love is simply one of the emotions accompanying a twin flame connection because it is true that intense. 

The idea that twin flame connections might be challenging comes from the fact that whenever your twin flame thinks of you, the love also feels more powerful. It can be challenging and stressful for you when you’re not accustomed to experiencing strong emotions, particularly ones that aren’t your own.

12. Sensations in the body

When they are thrilled, some people may feel tingling, heat, or flushing of the cheeks. They might also breathe more heavily and have a faster heartbeat.

When they are enthusiastic, some people may not feel anything, while others may experience a “rush” of energy that leaves them feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

13. Your body is warm

And this is one of the signs your twin flame is thinking of you when you suddenly feel warm energy surrounding you and experience a rush of love and peace. And this might even occur when you are at your lowest and would benefit the most from their warm energy. You both will be able to connect when you think of each other because your connection is not geographically bound.

14. You feel that you are not alone

Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You

You have the strangest feeling that someone is in the room with you while you’re alone in the bedroom, jogging outside, or cooking in the kitchen.

When you are alone, the presence or other person you sense in the space could be your twin flame’s energy, which comes from their thoughts of you. Because of this, the presence doesn’t feel ominous or menacing; instead, it feels reassuring and loving.

If you and your twin flame are closely bonded, the energy surrounding you can manifest itself.

15. Your heart beats faster

Your heart will begin to beat a little quicker, and you may feel it racing unexpectedly without any apparent cause. And this is a sign that your twin flame is sending out when they are thinking about you. So if you suddenly feel your heartbeat quicken while resting in bed or just going about your typical day then it shows that your twin flame misses you. And this would make sense, given that the connection you two experience will make your heart race.


The fact that you two have the closest connection makes it pretty simple to determine when your twin flame is thinking of you. Even if you try to deny it, you instinctively know they are considering you.

When a certain emotion or frequent dreams about your twin flame occur, it’s tough to ignore the indicators that they are thinking of you. Remember that since your connection to your twin flame is heavenly, it transcends all spheres of this planet. They reflect your soul precisely because of this, which makes your relationship frequently heated.