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About Us

Welcome to Love Magnet!

Hello there, and welcome to Love Magnet!

I’m Queenie Cher, and it’s my pleasure to meet you here. Thank you for dropping by my blog, and it’s my honor to have you here.

My relationship journey was not smooth; I struggled tremendously with my love life. I suffered countless heartbreaks and was stuck in a toxic relationship for years. I thought I would never find my Mr. Right.

However, deeply in my heart, I know that I don’t want to be alone; I also want to have someone to go on adventures with, someone who will dance with me, kiss me and, when I least expect it, laugh together with me.

After years of learning and searching, I finally found my soulmate. The journey was not easy, but I learned an incredible amount about the relationship between women and men. And how we could live the life of our dream, as we all deserve the best life can offer. I am extremely grateful for who I am now and what I have; I hope to share some tips and trips to help women improve their love lives.

And this is why I started Love Magnet – to help and inspire women to build self-esteem, understand what they really want in relationships and how to go through difficult times. 

Remember that you are absolutely amazing, regardless of what others say! And you should have a voice in your relationship. We hope you’ll love what we are doing, join our mailing list and help us spread the word!