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7 signs he likes you

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You That You Should Know

You have started developing feelings for a man. And he likes you as well. You are stranded in the same chapter, so you decide to date each other. Your connection is real because you know these 7 obvious signs he likes you. Thus, a romantic relationship flourishes, and the two of you live happily ever after! 

Sounds absurd? Well, relationships are not as easy as we think them to be. But wouldn’t it be incredible if relationships were this straightforward? Since all of us are human beings, more often than not, we fail to communicate effectively. And this is especially true when it comes to expressing our love interest or understanding whether someone is truly into us. 

And if you have someone in your mind who’s rather introverted, reticent, or emotionally unavailable, it will make things worse. This is because the signs that an individual likes you, not just as a friend, could be very suggestive. So how would you know that he has a preference for you? And what are the obvious signs he likes you and wants the relationship to prosper?¬†

How Does A Guy Express That He Likes You

make you laugh is one of the 7 signs he likes you

Comprehending the several ways that a guy likes you would aid you in responding effectively. How a guy acts around you can purposefully or subconsciously be changed based on what they perceive about you. 

Generally, a guy starts opening up and acts more pleasant while interacting with you. At times, they are more unrestrained and strive to gain your interest through their words, action, and behavior. 

Dropping whiffs is an old way in which a guy expresses he likes you and that they are eager to pursue a life with you. Knowing this helps in reciprocating their feelings when you come to know that they like you. Let’s take a look at these 7 obvious signs he likes you

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

1. He tries making eye contact when he is speaking to you

While many would consider this a stereotype, it’s actually science. And making eye contact is one of the most persistent hints of an attraction. Some studies claim that men who are romantically attracted to someone tend to look more at the head or eyes of the person.

On the flip side, when they are just interested in friendship, they would simply look at the lower part of the body, such as the legs. And this study utilized an eye-tracking device to monitor eye movement and revealed a clear link between romantic interest and eye contact. 

Also, he will try to look at your eyes when you are not looking. But if you notice this and try to look into his eyes, you will see that he will look away at the first instance. And this is because even though he admires you, he doesn’t want you to know. When a man likes a woman, he cannot keep his eyes off. Sometimes, they fail to realize that they are making it obvious. So if you ever notice a guy couldn’t get his eyes off you, then it is one of these 7 obvious signs he likes you!

2. He slows down his pace to match yours

couple walking

This one could be difficult for you to pick up. Practically it’s impossible to memorize a guy’s walking pace! But you may have noticed that he walks way faster than you but still chooses to slow down the speed. It’s also important to mention that he will still try to find time to spend a few moments with you even though he has a busy schedule. 

An article published in Plos One revealed that when a man walks with his beau or someone he is attracted to, he will gradually slow down his roll to accommodate you. On the other hand, if you guy only thinks of you as a friend, he will not adjust his pace to match yours. A study found that when a guy walks with his friend, both partners tend to change to walk at a comfortable pace. 

3. He tries to make you laugh at every situation possible

This is one of the obvious signs he likes you that you should not ignore. When a man is attracted to you, he will try his best to make you laugh to make a good impression. Being humorous is one of the most believable signs he likes you and the best way in which people flirt. 

A guy who wants to win over you will aim to be funny and indulge in playful teasing. And he will do this to ensure that you think him to be attractive and chucklesome. A study presented in the bulletin named Personality and Social Psychology showed that individuals of both sexes would be interested in initiating humor before a person they like compared to a person they don’t like. 

The research also showed that guys are more prone to laugh at the jokes cracked by a woman he is interested in rather than a woman he is not. This correlation is even stronger when the man makes fun and jokes. 

4. He offers to assist you whenever he can

In case you have been ignoring the guy who’s genuinely interested in you, he would want to offer help to you. Actually, this is his subtle way of showing that he likes you. 

Are you moving in and need some muscle to assist you in packing? Are you looking for a companion and considering an offer from someone you know? The one who does an act of service is an accurate indicator that a guy likes you. 

5. He leans towards you

This is not just true in men but rather a natural human tendency to turn the bodies to those we are interested in. Have you noticed the guy pivoting his body towards you while hanging out in a group? Then it is an obvious sign he likes you.

Sometimes, guys tend to put their toes towards their love interest in place of just turning their head when they talk. He may even cross his leg in the same direction as yours when you sit by his side. These are sure signs he likes you. 

While doing this, he would definitely want to show you that he is the alpha male in the pack and deserves your attention. If you see that he tries to stand tall, pull in his stomach, and walk confidently, then it’s a hint that he likes you. If you are also interested in him, you can smile back at him as you don’t know what it could lead to. 

6. He tries to touch you – even if it’s the slightest ones

Touch is the slight element that brings a host of differences in mutual attraction. For instance, simply brushing your hand or gently touching the shoulder while talking can efficiently bridge the gap between pure friendship and flirting. 

journal named Social Influence published an article that showed that even women are more prone to develop a close relationship with someone who can seamlessly blend their flirting with a subtle touch for a few seconds. 

It’s worth mentioning that if a guy is holding your hand or trying to put his arm around your waist, he is simply trying to hint that he likes you. It’s a natural human tendency not to touch those we don’t like implying that small touches are obvious signs that he likes you. 

However, it should not come across as too offensive and aggressive. Especially on the first date, if a guy is trying to touch you everywhere without your consensus might not be a good sign.

7. His friends allow the two of you to enjoy

friends know is one of the signs he likes you

Last but not least, if a person is fond of you, he will say your name more often. If you have heard of anybody doing this, you should also pay attention to the way he says it. Generally, he will smile a lot when he says your name and you have already become famous in his friends’ circle. 

In most cases, the way to a man’s heart is through his close buddies. And if his friends know that he is into you, his friends would always try to give you more time and space so that you can develop your relationship to the next level.

Have you ever encountered this before while hanging out with a group of friends and all your mutual friends and suddenly left the place? Then this could be an indication that those friends have more information about his interest in you than you do! 


Is he breaking his stare at you are trying to make eye contact? Does he start fidgeting or becomes uneasy and uptight when you are around? These are some tell-tale signs that a guy is into you. When you pick on these subtle yet obvious signs that a man is into you, you can then decide if you are ready to move things forward with confidence and conviction. The above tips are hints that a man could be interested in you. And in case you are also interested, you may take a step further and ask him out.